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The Aeroacoustics Specialists’ Committee (ASC) of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) announces its 17th international workshop representing at the same time the 3nd workshop of the EU-Network “X-Noise EV”, to be held at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros, located at the Sevilla university campus in Isla de la Cartuja .

Its subject is atmospheric and ground effects on aircraft noise. The objective is to bring together the aeroacoustics community with the technical and scientific disciplines classically involved in aircraft design. The workshop welcomes contributors from industry, research establishments and academia.


The effects of the atmospheric conditions, ground characteristics and topography on the aircraft noise perceived on the ground is of great current interest in the aircraft noise research community. While the aeroacoustics of the main aircraft noise sources like the propulsion system and high lift devices have long been studied, in the end the sound generated by the aircraft propagates along distances ranging from hundreds of meters to kms, until reaching the receiver on the ground being specially perceived around airport locations. Therefore the knowledge about the aircraft noise propagation in the atmosphere is very important with a view to a proper evaluation of the noise impact around airports, and particularly to the computation of noise contours. This workshop represents one step to promote discussions on the important problems of atmospheric and ground effects on aircraft noise since they represent critical factors influencing the propagation of sound.


·         State of the art of geometrical acoustic models capabilities to deal with the atmospheric, ground, and topography effects.

·         Progress in the efficient application to the prediction of aircraft noise propagation, of computational tools to take into account those effects, based on the parabolic equation (PE) (e.g. Green’s Function PE-GFPE, Generalized Terrain PE-GTPE) or on fundamental approaches like the linearized Euler equations (e.g. Finite Differences Time Domain Models- FDTD) among others.

·         Hybrid methodologies (e.g. PE-ray models, PE- FDTD) with consideration of micrometeorology codes if feasible.

·         Experimental studies, including also field measurements of near surface meteorology to assess the effect of range dependent meteorological conditions on sound propagation.

·         State of the art of the application of prediction methodologies for the effects on aircraft noise of atmosphere, topography and ground, to both the issues of noise impact around airports and long range propagation of noise from aircraft en-route.


The language of the workshop will be English. The interested speakers are invited to submit their abstracts on no more than 2 pages including authors' names and affiliations in electronic form to . The speakers are also encouraged to provide their manuscripts or their presentations in advance to facilitate the preparation of copies for the attendees.


·         Daniel Juvé, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

Simulation of sound propagation in the atmosphere: Effect of turbulence and non-linearities

·         Joyce Rosenbaum, Computer Sciences Corporation, Cambridge, MA, USA

Enhanced propagation of aviation noise in complex environments: A hybrid approach

·         Timothy van Renterghem, University of Ghent, Belgium

Efficient outdoor sound propagation modelling in time-domain


·         Emilio Campos, Chairman, AIAE, Spain.

·         Philippe Blanc-Benon, ECL, France.

·         Harry Brouwer, NLR, The Netherlands.

·         Juan Guerra, Airbus Military, Spain.

·         Hervé Lissek, EPFL, Switzerland.

·         Patrice Malbéqui, ONERA, France.

·         Nico van Oosten, ANOTEC, Spain.

·         Kenneth Plotkin, Wyle EERC, USA.

·         Sjoerd Rienstra, TUE, The Netherlands.


The workshop will be held in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros, located at the Sevilla university campus in Isla de la Cartuja.

Address: Camino de los Descubrimientos, s/n. 41092 Sevilla, Spain.


After the workshop the scientific committee will recommend the submission of full paper versions of appropriate presentations for a peer-reviewed publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Aeroacoustics.


·         16 June 2013 - Submission of abstracts

·         19 July 2013 - Notification of acceptance

·         14 August 2013 - Advance registration


The registration fee is:

Before August 15: 200 €, Students: 75 €

After August 15: 300 €, Students: 100 €

The fee includes the documentation (DVD of abstracts and presentations), the lunch and coffee breaks, as well as the workshop dinner. For workshop registration you are kindly requested to send the filled registration form to

Payment shall be made to the following bank account, with reference “your name  (CEAS WS17)”:


Caixabank / La Caixa

Calle Nueva – Motril – Spain


Anotec Consulting SL

IBAN ES8521002265330200240784



The invoice will be provided at the start of the workshop.



Address: Rector Jose Vida Soria, 2 portal 7-2C 18613 Motril (Granada), Spain

Tel/Fax: (+34) 958 620 631


For more information see the program (PDF-File): Download program

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